Fabric Protection Systems

Fabguard UV protection provides Sun Fade Resistance for 99.9% of all types of fabrics materials including rugs & carpets!

Fabguard Stain protection provides Stain Resistance up to 5 yrs depending on the amount of traffic that is applied in the particular area in use!

Fabguard treatments strengthen the fibers in all materials and will extend the life!

Fabguard UV, Stain Treatments seals all Fabrics, Rugs, & Carpets including Wools, Cottons, Silks, Synthetics, Suede, and some Leather Materials!

Fabguard will not change the color or texture of any fabric!

Fabguard UV & Stain protection is a cross-linked polymer technology that we have produced and made available! This Technology can only be applied by a trained and licenses dealer or applicator! (For more information on this contact our customer service dept)

Fabguard Fabric Protection Treatments are commercially applied by trained & licensed applicators.

Window Treatments
Stain Protection
UV Protection
Fire Protection

All types of Fabrics can be treated in-house for UV, Stain or Fire protection.

Fabguard treatments can be applied to the fabric before the Upholstery or Window Treatment work rooms get started!



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